Format: Youth 5 Game Scratch Singles, Jr Gold Qualifier and Scholarship Step Ladder

Oil: Sport Oil Surprise


Divisions:  Youth Open Ages 7-20

Need at least 5 bowlers to award scholarships in a division.

Possible Divisions: 

U20 Open combined boys & girls,  U20 Boys only, U20 Girls only

U17 Open combines boys & girls  U17 Boys only, U17 Girls Only

U15 Open combined boys & girls,  U15 Boys only, U15 Girls only

U12* Open combined boys & girls,  U12 Boys only, U12 Girls only

*Special note if there is not enough U12 bowlers they will bowl up in the U15, If not enough for U17 will combine with U20 *

Scholarships will be determined based on the size of the field in each division.

USBC Rules will be followed

Scholarship Management by: SMART


Membership Requirements:


2019-2020 USBC Membership Required


JBSC Membership is Optional $30.00 U15, U17 & U20   $25.00 U12


You will receive $10 off monthly challenge events, bowl in 5 of our regular season challenges and be invited to bowl in our Super Challenge and receive a discount on our Junior Gold Super-Bowl & Jr Bowling Heavy Weight title.



Challenge Entry Fee:   JBSC Member  $40.00       Non Member  $50.00

* Break Down of Entry Fee:

$20 Scholarship fund for that challenge

$20 Lineage and expenses




*Extra Events Offered but NOT required to bowl in the Challenge*


Jr Gold Qualifiers:  Each of our regular challenges are Jr Gold Qualifiers.


Jr Gold Requirements:


USBC JR GOLD Membership


Yearly Membership Fee  U15-U20  $30.00

Yearly Membership Fee  U12  $10.00


Must purchase at any challenge before bowling in the qualifying event, if you have a membership please have your ID number available.


Jr Gold Qualifying Additional Entry Fee to the Challenge Entry Fee:


U20  $50.00   U17 $50.00 U15 $37.50   U12 $25.00

Ratio of 1:4 will be awarded a spot in each division.  Must have at least 4 bowlers in each division to award a Jr Gold Spot for that division



EXTRA SCHOLARSHIP Opportunities Available At Each Challenge


Most Spares Jackpot - Entry $5.00

Shoot Out  - Entry $5.00


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